Crystal Light

  1. Conception (55 min.)

Transcendent Heart

1: Echo of the Light
2: In the Beginning
3: In Flow
4: All of Creation
5: Pure Love
6: Anima Mundi
7: Transcendent Heart
8: In the End
9: Echo of the Light (reprise)

Modern Mantras I

Modern Mantra I
  1. “I Love You”
  2. “Feel in My Heart”
  3. “Flow”
  4. “Immensity”
  5. “Love Moves”
  6. “Abundance”
  7. “Divine Presence”
  8. “Blissfulness”

Le voci che ho dentro

  1. “Mi dispiace”
  2. “L’intento”
  3. “Fluisco”
  4. “Creo l’infinita realta’”
  5. “L’Amore”
  6. “Abbondanza”
  7. “Divina presenza”
  8. “Eterna beatitudine”

Traditional Mantras

  1. “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha”
  2. “Hymn to Divine Mother”
  3. “Namo Amituofo”
  4. “Om Mani Padme Hum”
  5. “Om Nama Shivaya”
  6. “Cantico delle Creature”
  7. “Gayatri Mantra”
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