There are times in life when you sense that something big is about to happen. That a long-held dream is about to come true. If you’re lucky, you discover what your purpose is on this Earth.

This, for me, is one such moment. I am doing what I feel in my heart, and I feel this expanding out into the world. I can ask for no greater gift. I can share no greater gift.

This Spring, the events where I have sung – most recently, the Festival dell’Oriente in Rome, and the Yoga Meeting in Merano, have brought me so many beautiful encounters, so many meetings with deeply loving souls, such strong moments of human belonging…

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for these blessings.

As Spring blooms into summer, I get ready to embark on a summer that, starting this month, takes me to England, Portugal, Spain and of course Italy.

More adventures to share and be grateful for.