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My Dear Friends in Sound,

I am not the only one who welcomes this time of year as a period of love, giving and thinking of others… of slowing down to perceive the needs of those around us.

It can also be a time to think of ourselves.

What about you?

What are you going to give yourself as a reward for everything you have done this year, for all of your efforts, all of that energy you’ve lavished on your life and the people you care about?

What are you doing to restore the harmony, peace and love?

Modern Mantras I, by Velka-Sai

For me, sound is the answer.

I would love you to listen to a track that means a lot to me… “Love Moves (all before it)”. That love moves everything is something I fervently believe.

Click on this link to listen to “Love Moves”.

Feel free to download it. It’s my gift to you.

If you’d like to buy the album the track is on, as an act of love towards yourself or as a gift for your nearest and dearest, “Modern Mantras I” is available on Amazon, iTunes and other online music stores.

With festive love,