Fellow Travellers on the Waves of Sound,

That “Life is a journey” is one of life’s great clichés.

A cliché is a cliché because it has been used so many times… for the simple reason that it is true… we can all identify with it.

Life truly is a journey. For many (and for me), it is “The Journey”.

the road we travel, telling stories along the way

Even more so at times when it may seem to us that we are going nowhere, when everything appears to be the same, unchanging… at times of misfortune, adversity… even irreversible change.

When it has been my turn to traverse such times, they have turned out to be a release… A veritable death to be reborn into a new life.

For me, my latest Journey began four or five years ago, at a time of profound crisis…

This is the journey I share through sound, meditative singing and the effects they have on me and on others. The embraces, smiles and tears… More than anything, looking you in the eye, hearing your stories – the stories we all have, which are the inspirational heart of my life and my music…

The truth? I love stories.

Everybody has a wondrous story. The marvel of this virtual world on social networks is how easy it is to share them.

There is no better way to travel than by sharing stories. Tell me your story, how you use the talents life gave you… Tell me of the adversities you have overcome to be reborn into your true Self…

Everything that we say, do and think has an echo.

What we say and do here, including on a smartphone screen, can be a source of beauty and creativity… stories of wondrous lives.

I am listening.