for me, nature has always been a huge source of creative inspiration in my life.

My true home. A vital space in which to reflect and meditate.

I have always felt that trees could teach me things no human Master is able to.

Without words, trees speak of the Eternal truths.

I often find myself in communion with the plant and animal kingdom.

Every time, I come away amazed and enriched.
This special empathy never fails to move me. I know I am not the only one.

On my latest travels… I wonder whether you’ve ever been to the Garfagnana… It’s not far from Tarquinia, where I was born in Central Italy. Not far, but I had never been there… or even heard the name until a few days ago.

A spellbinding place, where I found an enchanted wood. I fell so in love with a hamlet called “Isola Santa” that I decided to shoot the video clip for “Immensity” there. Watch this space…

The video is dedicated to the immensity of nature. The immensity of the sacred alliance we humans have with trees and the whole animal and vegetal kingdom.

Love of nature makes our immensity real.🍃

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