Alchemical concert at alexandra palace London 2017

Alchemical concert at alexandra palace London 2017

Sometimes in my life, words are not enough to describe what happens… When the experience is of high emotional intensity… Right now, I feel simply immense gratitude for all this… Everything it is; everything it has been.

When I left on this journey to London – to the Mind Body & Soul Festival – it was a journey into the unknown.

Once I got here, I found myself so often embraced, staring into the eyes of people who only apparently I didn’t know… because it feels like I’ve known them forever.

I felt at home.

Exactly where I was meant to be.

So many beautiful encounters; such an open and welcoming audience.

I return home with many new paths to follow, more alchemical concerts in the pipeline around the world… and the certainty, the knowledge that following your heart is always, always the right way.

The Journey begins

The Journey begins

When life gives you a gift – and you have the good fortune to realize it – your life is never the same.
Five years ago, after a career singing pop and rock in Italy, I began singing spiritual music for myself. At a difficult time in my life, it had a healing effect.
When I began singing and performing that music live, people told me they felt harmony, peace and wellbeing.
The vibrations of my voice and the ancestral instruments I play are the gift.
A gift of sound healing that flows through me to others.

* * * * * * *

Now, the journey is expanding beyond my home country.
With the help of souls who, like me, are dedicated to spreading light, I am taking my voice and ancestral instruments out into the world.
I perform my first spiritual concerts in the UK this weekend – 20 to 22 October 2017 – at the Mind Body Soul Experience in London.
This blog is the story of an evolving adventure.
Come along with me on this journey.
The more we are, the more light we spread.