Looking forwards…

There are times in life when you sense that something big is about to happen. That a long-held dream is about to come true. If you’re lucky, you discover what your purpose is on this Earth. This, for me, is one such moment. I am doing what I feel in my heart, and I...

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Festive Inspiration, a gospel song is born

Creativity knows no time of day. If you have the great fortune of a visit by creativity, it arrives without warning, any time of day or night. The tune for this gospel song came to me in the middle of the night a few days ago. A friend of mine wrote the words for me...

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Sweet soul, like a nightingale you unleash your power; like a dandelion, you free your essence in the air… Your voice vibrates with the timbre of your soul, expanding the celestial melody.

Lucilla Menici

Your voice is a sacred sound that reaches into the depths of the soul!


Singing ancient wisdom, she allows you to glimpse spaces that have never been told but long been known, on wings of space within the soul.


Your voice is a sacred sound coming in. I have finally found you, I have heard your music and your song.



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