IlluminArti, a magical festival

My dear travellers in sound, today I want to share some thoughts about the “IlluminArti” Festival in Piedimonte Matese, not far from Naples, where I had the honour of singing on Friday 1st June... at the magnificent Palazzo Ducale. I love sharing the background to...

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Thank You London!

Music, smiles, hugs, joy... Friendship, great hospitality, new people to meet, deep sharing and wondrous nature coloured and filled my heart, which continues to expand to embrace all of these great gifts. This morning I woke up and felt the true nourishment of this...

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Sweet soul, like a nightingale you unleash your power; like a dandelion, you free your essence in the air… Your voice vibrates with the timbre of your soul, expanding the celestial melody.

Lucilla Menici

Your voice is a sacred sound that reaches into the depths of the soul!


Singing ancient wisdom, she allows you to glimpse spaces that have never been told but long been known, on wings of space within the soul.


Your voice is a sacred sound coming in. I have finally found you, I have heard your music and your song.



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